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When I get the day off, sometimes I enduro

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Sometimes, I do get to ride my bike, so when the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club asked me not to operate, I decided to take part in the Arapuke Enduro. An awesome way to meet fellow riders and to have a long day on the bike. Cruise up the hills and race down them. Good times all round.

Stage 5 start. Upper Karearea

As a local event, we were out in force, but due to the event now being part of the Wellington Enduro Series, there were also many out of town riders, with everyone keen to give it a go and get some timed runs on the local trails.

As the trail names, About Time, Rocky, Rambo, Mr Twister, Rhythm & Vines, Jumping Jack, Karearea and Chewbacca, may suggest, there are trails for every type of rider.

The weather gods were shining as 150 riders made a long train up the hill to the summit of the park. A bit of a wait as we were let go at 30 second intervals down About Time. A crash on Rocky didn't detract from the fun that was to be had. Off down Rambo and beep of the timing chip at the end of the stage.

Off to flowy Mr Twister then a quick gravel grind to Rhythm and Vines, off at the Shuttle Pick up, which many were asking for. Up to Jumping Jack, giving all the doubles a go, then up to the summit for Karearea, one of my favs, due to its tight but flowy nature. A quick single track climb on Jack and the Beanstalk, and I was relieved to find some water in a creek. Lucky that, as the 20 litre bottle at the water station had not lasted long. Up to the summit for Chewbacca, the last and longest stage of the day. So much fun, with a grin from ear to day and 8 minutes of riding later, I clocked out my last stage.

Off to the finish, for beers and burgers and an unexpected 1st place in the Women's Masters.

Bring on February for the second in the Arapuke Enduro series

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