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Mountain Bike Shuttles in the Manawatu



A mountain bike shuttle service providing access to 30 km+ of grade 2 to grade 6 trails within Arapuke Forest Park. 20 - 45 minutes from Palmerston North, with access via Kahuterawa Road or Scott's Road. Meet the shuttle at H2, the Shuttle Hub, as seen on the trail maps. To see the current park weather conditions, check out the Netfone WEBCAM and operating hours below.




















We are a passionate mountain biking company, born out of the thrill of the descent, with the desire to give greater access to the trails for every level of rider.



We operate predominantly at Arapuke Forest Park, but we can provide access to other riding destinations within Manawatu and further afield on request. 



Arapuke Forest Park is developed, maintained and managed by the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club. The current trail network has 30 km+ of grade 2 to grade 6 trails, with new trails going in yearly.



Buy our 6, 20, 50 or Family passes for shared use or our Season passes for use from October 1st until June 30th (Early bird special on now), for those who shred on the regular. 


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